Frequently Asked Questions

Leader-M Group of Companies

Our managers will calculate the necessary tonnage themselves, you do not need to translate meters into tons yourself, leave it to the professionals.

We do not issue the original quality certificates before shipment. You will receive them together with the shipment package, but you can request samples from your personal manager.

In our warehouses metal products are exclusively made in Russia, confirmed by the relevant certificates of quality. But we can be your partner in selling products of any foreign manufacturer.

Our company sells only new metal products confirmed by quality certificates.

Among other things, we are engaged in foreign economic activities.

Our company sells metal products in multiples of pieces, we do not sell pieces of metal products.

Our company sells metal products from a minimum of 1 piece. (e.g. 1 pipe, 1 channel, etc.).

Pipe insulation is one of the priority areas of our business.

You can send an application by email or contact our managers by phone.

Our company works only by non-cash payment.

Delivery of paid metal products in regions of presence is carried out within 1-3 days after payment, in Russia — depending on distance.

You can receive the metal products in our warehouse after the receipt of money in full on our bank account.

We ship in modular railcars.

The company's warehouses are located in Chekhov of Moscow region, Kazan, Vyksa of Nizhny Novgorod region, Almetyevsk, Pervouralsk and Usinsk in the Russian Federation.

The following documents will be issued upon shipment:

  • Invoice
  • Consignment note
  • Acts for services rendered
  • Quality certificates for products

You (your representative) should have the original power of attorney or a scan of the power of attorney with a cover letter in order to receive paid metal products.