This is a subtype of seamless pipes designed for use as part of tubing units. They are used in the oil production industry, as well as in the liquid method of sulfur extraction. It is used directly for lowering into the well. This is how the vertical movement of the extracted liquid is carried out.

Products are reliable and durable, resistant to all kinds of external impacts, including high static loads perpendicular to the axis of the pipe and sharp shocks. They are also resistant to deformation. This is important when it is not possible to maintain a strict vertical orientation of the pipe in the well.

As a rule, they are mated with other tubing elements by means of threaded couplings. This provides design flexibility, tightness, easy repair.

An important feature of tubing is the absence of welded seams, as they can lead to depressurization of the production complex. That is why they are manufactured using the whole-roll method from a single cylindrical billet or by pulling it continuously. The choice of the method is determined by the diameter of the tube. It may range from 60 to 114 mm. All this is done by modern equipment with a computerized quality control system. This allows us to almost completely eliminate the possibility of defects.

The whole production process as well as the finished products are fully compliant with the state quality standards (GOST 633-80) and international regulations ISO 9001-2000 and API Q1.

The pipes are in the greatest demand:

  • With protection against the cold
  • Increased tightness
  • Polymer sealing unit
  • Resistance to high temperatures
  • Anticorrosive properties

Our company sells tubing of any diameter and length from leading manufacturers. We cooperate directly with the manufacturers and can offer the most favorable conditions of purchase. The products meet the required standards and have passed the necessary quality control. Their delivery is carried out directly from the manufacturer. The assortment includes products of any diameter and thickness, you can always choose rolled metal for any purpose.