Polyethylene Pipes

Since 2019, the "Leader-M" LLC began to develop a new direction, such as the supply of polyethylene pipes and fittings.

Since 2019, the "Leader-M" LLC has been the official dealer of the manufacturer "RemGazCommunications", the city of Kazan, on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The main directions of our company in this activity are:

  • Production and supply of pressure polyethylene pipes for water supply and gas distribution
  • Supply of pressure pipes with a protective shell
  • Production of multilayer polyethylene pipes, as well as pipes made of PE 100 RC
  • Supply of double-layer corrugated polypropylene pipes with a smooth inner wall and a profiled outer surface for use in systems of non-pressure pipelines of stormwater and fecal sewerage, as well as drainage systems
  • A wide range of supplies of connecting parts for water and gas pipelines
  • Manufacture and supply of signal tapes
  • Distribution of welding equipment of leading foreign companies
  • Supply of polymer wells for various purposes
  • Design, supply and installation of local treatment facilities