Shut-off Valves

The company "Leader-M" sells not only pipes of various types, but also accessories for them. Among the assortment there are shut-off valves — devices that are partially placed in the cavity of the pipe and serve to close its lumen. As a result, the flow of the working medium is interrupted and a part of the pipeline is isolated.


Shut-off valves are an indispensable structural element of any pipeline that ensures its control. In complex systems, they fulfill a number of important functions: they shut off unwanted flow of the medium as well as direct the flow in a given direction and prevent it from moving in the opposite direction. Shut-off and control valves allow to maintain the necessary pressure in the pipeline and to shut it off during repair work.

There are several types of shut-off and control valves, which differ in their design features, purpose and scope of application. The performance of the device depends on the working medium in which it operates and the conditions.

Design features

The term "shut-off valves" refers to a number of devices which, regardless of their type, operate according to a common principle. The main working element of the design is the gate valve, designed to close the lumen of the pipe and ensure the interruption of its internal flow. The gate can be flat in the form of a chimney, wedge-shaped, spherical, equipped with a hole in the central part, etc. In the open position, it does not prevent the flow of the working medium through the lumen of the pipe, and in the closed position it completely closes the lumen. The shutter is connected with a control element, the role of which is played by a handle or a hand wheel. When the control element is rotated, the gate moves from the closed state to the open state, and vice versa. The main parts of the device are placed in a robust housing and mounted directly on the pipe.

Depending on the method of installation fittings are:

  • Threaded
  • Flanged
  • Welded

Additional insulation inside the body of the moving elements and the closure provides the required level of tightness of the fixture.

Sale of shut-off valves

The company "Leader-M" offers to buy industrial valves at low prices. We cooperate directly with the manufacturer and guarantee high quality of all products. Delivery of our products is carried out on the terms most profitable for the client.

Our range of products includes the following types:

  • Gate valves are a traditional type of locking devices, suitable for all pipelines, characterized by simplicity of design, reliability and durability. They are actuated by turning the handwheel; the torque is transmitted to the gate via threaded connection and spindle. Available in steel, brass and cast iron gate valves with extending and non-extending spindle, models with electric actuator are also available.
  • The valve is one of the simplest devices, allowing to shut off the flow of the medium with a single movement of the handle. We have in stock butterfly valves made of brass, steel and cast iron.
  • Ball valves are devices in the form of metal balls with through holes. By means of rotation of the handle the ball is rotated. In our catalog there are devices with butterfly and lever handles, American-style with coupling nut, etc.

Valves are universal shut-off and control valves that can be used as safety valves. Shut-off and check valves of different types are available.

In our company you can buy industrial shut-off valves for pipelines of any diameter and with any working pressure. The products meet the required standards and have passed the necessary quality control. Their delivery is carried out directly from the manufacturer.