Oil & Gas Equipment

"Leader-M" LLC specializes in complex deliveries of capacitive equipment and industrial pipeline fittings for the power, oil and gas, chemical and other industries and utilities. Our specialists will implement projects of any level of complexity at any point of the Russian Federation. We select the best solutions taking into account the specifics of each facility, we guarantee quality of the goods sold, flexible pricing system, assistance in the right choice of products.

Capacitive Equipment

Represents special reservoirs of different materials designed for storing almost any substance. As a rule, high-quality metal is used in its manufacture. This material has unique properties, is able to withstand high pressure and at the same time is chemically neutral. Equipment options include cylindrical vessels, liquid storage tanks, gas tanks, oil and gas tanks, flare separators, and much more.

The range includes the following types of equipment:

  • Vertical and horizontal
  • Drainage, etc.

Tank Equipment

It is a sealed tanks of different volume and shape designed for storage of liquid and gaseous substances. Tank equipment is widely used in oil and gas, oil refining and other industries.

The range includes:

  • Vertical/horizontal metal tanks
  • Steel water storage tanks
  • Fire tanks and other tanks

The products are of decent quality, high strength, tightness and at the same time have excellent performance properties.

"Leader-M" LLC is aimed at long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with each customer. We offer a wide range of equipment and effective integrated solutions based on the latest technologies in oil production, drilling, heat and power supply, as well as oil treatment, transportation and refining, etc.