Protection of Pipes with a Cement-sand Coating


Cement-sand coating (CSC) is designed to protect the inner surface of metal water pipes from corrosion and prevents the formation of bio-sediments in the transportation of water for drinking, domestic and industrial purposes.


  • Stops corrosion of steel pipes
  • Eliminates fouling of the inner surface of pipes by mineral and biological deposits
  • The cheapest coating on the inner surface of steel pipes
  • The most durable coating
  • Cement-sand coating — environmentally friendly coating
  • Chemical composition and taste properties of water remain unchanged regardless of the distance of transportation
  • Application of CSC restores the original technical characteristics of pipes subject to pitting corrosion
  • Maintains the throughput capacity of the pipeline during its entire service life

Services provided

  • Supply of pipes and shaped products with internal cement-sand coating
  • Organization of production of pipes of required assortment according to the customer's request

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