Steel Pipes in QR Insulation

The most important operational indicator of any pipeline is its service life without accidents and overhaul. Therefore, pipe manufacturers are constantly working to improve their characteristics, introduce new technologies, one of which is QR insulation. For this purpose the most up-to-date materials are also used. This allows to protect the rolled product from mechanical damage and environmental impact.

"Leader-M" LLC offers one of the most modern solutions — pipes in QR insulation, which are considered to be currently the most effective means of protection against external influences. Our company has been working for 17 years in the field of supply of various types of pipes and offers to buy steel anticorrosive products at an affordable price. The secret of their effectiveness is complete exclusion of working liquid penetration to the outer surface of the pipe.

Features and advantages of steel anti-corrosion pipes in QR insulation

From a structural point of view, the insulation coating of this type is several layers of extruded polyethylene, applied sequentially to each other. The total thickness of the protective coating of steel anticorrosive pipe in QR insulation due to the multi-layer structure can be up to five millimeters.

Such a solution makes the pipe as protected as possible, which is very relevant in cases where you want to lay a pipeline in the ground, under water or in conditions of constant exposure to chemically active environments. Unlike steel anticorrosive pipe in QR insulation, its analogues in such situations deteriorate very quickly.

In order to improve the tightness of the film before it is applied, the metal surface is thoroughly cleaned. Then a special adhesive composition is applied to the steel pipe, which provides excellent adhesion strength to the metal surface. Only after these manipulations the QR insulation is applied to the pipe.

The application of such a protective coating significantly increases the service life of the entire pipeline. This can be proved by the warranty period set by many manufacturers of these products. It makes up about thirty years.

You can order steel pipes in QR insulation by contacting us: our warehouses are located in Moscow, Kazan, Almetyevsk, Usinsk and Yekaterinburg. "Leader-M" offers to buy in Moscow and other Russian cities modern products manufactured on first-class equipment with full observance of all the subtleties of the technological process. If you have any questions, be sure to ask our managers. At your service all necessary consultations about the purchase, delivery, operation of the insulating tape. We guarantee clear, concise, reasoned answers.

"Leader-M" Group of Companies includes 2 insulating plants in the cities of Chelyabinsk and Snezhinsk, Chelyabinsk region.