Casing Pipes

Intended for use as a framework element in oil and gas drilling, in the search for water, minerals, etc. The main requirement is the highest degree of reliability and exact compliance with the specified characteristics.

Most often used in the extractive industry, as it is made of high-strength alloyed steel, resistant to the action of corrosive factors. And is able to withstand significant mechanical loads, as a consequence, serve as a reinforcing element during drilling.

When the upper layers of rock have been drilled, a casing string is lowered into the well, and concrete is poured between it and the wall of the well to secure it. Another, smaller-diameter string is then lowered into this string for further work or direct use.

The raw materials for these products are carbon and alloy steels. Cylindrical steel billet is heated to high temperature and pierced. In this way, a finished tube with specified characteristics is formed.

Production is carried out in automated rolling mills. Computer-aided quality control system makes it possible to eliminate the possibility of rejects, as well as to ensure mathematical accuracy of manufacturing. The part undergoes thorough inspection at every stage.

Manufacturing is carried out in accordance with generally accepted national and international quality standards.

Our company sells casing pipes in Moscow and Russia of any required diameter and length. We cooperate directly with the manufacturers and can offer the most favorable conditions of purchase. The products meet the required standards and have passed the necessary quality control. Their delivery is carried out directly from the manufacturer. The assortment includes products of any diameter and thickness, you can always choose rolled metal for any purpose.