Electric-welded Steel Pipes

"Leader-M" LLC specializes in wholesale supplies of rolled metal products. The company has experience of cooperation with the largest state and private enterprises. Electric-welded steel pipes offered by our company meet the requirements of GOST 10704 and GOST 10705. The products have certificates of conformity. Our warehouses are located in Moscow, Kazan, Usinsk, Almetyevsk and Yekaterinburg.

The company is ready to provide a batch of pipe-roll of any volume in a short time. We have our own truck fleet, which makes it possible to reduce the price and delivery time of steel electric-welded pipes to any city. Also deliveries are made to the CIS countries. Depending on the location of the customer and the volume of products, shipment can be carried out both from the warehouses of "Leader-M" Group of Companies, and directly from the warehouses of manufacturing plants.

To clarify the availability and price of steel electric-welded pipes of the required size, contact the company's office located in Moscow. Customers located in the regions and neighboring countries can also use the services of local representative offices.

By purchasing electric-welded steel pipes GOST 10705 at "Leader-M" LLC, you are guaranteed to receive a quality product that meets the most stringent criteria for reliable and efficient operation.