Steel Profile Pipes

Profile pipe differs from conventional pipe in the shape of the cross-section. While in the standard design the cross-section is circular, in the profile pipe the most common cross-section is square or rectangular. Otherwise, it is similar to an ordinary round pipe: it has a constant cross-section size along the entire length of the product, the same wall thickness and smooth surfaces.

There are two main types of profile pipes:

  • With round outer section and profiled inner section
  • With a profiled outer and inner cross-section

Most often used in practice, rectangular steel profile tubes, in which the shape of the inner and outer cross-section are similar.

The greatest applications are:

  • Square profile pipes 50x50 mm
  • Rectangular profile pipes 40x80 mm and 40x100 mm

The main characteristic here is the diameter of the cross-section. This parameter replaces the traditional diameter, which serves as a universal characteristic of pipes with a circular cross-section. Profiled pipe can be ordered in both measured and unmeasured lengths, depending on the customer's wishes.

The company is ready to provide a batch of steel profile pipes of any volume in a short time. We have our own truck fleet, which makes it possible to reduce the price and delivery time of steel profile pipes to any city. Also deliveries are made to the CIS countries. Depending on the location of the customer and the volume of products, shipment can be carried out both from the warehouses of "Leader-M" Group of Companies, and directly from the warehouses of manufacturing plants.

To clarify the availability and price of steel profile pipes of the required size, contact the company's office located in Moscow. Customers located in the regions and neighboring countries can also use the services of local representative offices.

By purchasing steel profile pipes from "Leader-M" LLC, you are guaranteed to receive a quality product that meets the most stringent criteria for reliable and efficient operation.