Pipe Detail


An indispensable element in the construction of any pipeline — connectors. To make the pipeline become a complete and reliable system, you need special elements for the places of bends and curves, the transition between the connecting pipes of different sizes, inclinations of branches and so on.

Each of the existing types of piping parts has its own purpose. To change the direction of the pipeline requires the installation of special bends. To connect pipes of different diameters, you need connecting transitions. If there is a need to connect additional branches to the main pipeline, tees are used. Plugs are installed at the end of the pipe if necessary to close them. Control valves are connected to the pipeline using flanges that are connected with special fasteners.

Features of Use

Piping parts are used in many areas:

  • Petrochemical and heavy chemical industry
  • Extraction, transportation and storage of gas
  • Electric power industry
  • Extraction of minerals
  • Metallurgy
  • Steel industry
  • Food industry
  • Shipbuilding and automobile industry

Piping parts are used in the construction of distribution and pumping systems, irrigation systems.

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