Heat Shrinkable Tape "Termisol"

Insulation of welded joints of pipes using "Termisol" tape

"Leader-M" Group of Companies includes 2 insulation plants in the cities of Chelyabinsk and Snezhinsk Chelyabinsk region.

The company "Leader-M" offers to buy tape "Termisol". This is an inexpensive modern insulating material, which consists of two layers: the first — adhesive, it is a composition of hot melt adhesive, the second — protective, made of heat-shrinkable polyethylene. It provides reliable waterproof and corrosion-proof connections between pipes, so that the pipeline will not need to be repaired for a long time.

Services provided

Our company:

  • Supplies finished products
  • Manufactures and supplies tooling for joint isolation in the field (cleaning machine, induction heating unit, tape winding device)
  • Supplies a set of equipment for applying "Termisol" tape on steel surfaces
  • Trains the customer's technical personnel in the technology of "Termisol" tape insulation

Advantages of insulating tape of our production

Tape of our production has the following advantages:

  • Easy technology when used in the field
  • Low application temperature
  • High physical and mechanical properties
  • Ability to withstand the effects of soil water, precipitation, solar radiation
  • Low cost (75-80%) as compared with imported and domestic counterparts
  • Compatibility with the basic outer insulation

"Leader-M" offers to buy in Moscow and other Russian cities modern products manufactured on first-class equipment with full observance of all the subtleties of the technological process. If you have any questions, be sure to ask our managers. At your service all necessary consultations about the purchase, delivery, operation of the insulating tape. We guarantee clear, concise, reasoned answers.

"Leader-M" Group of Companies includes 2 insulating plants in the cities of Chelyabinsk and Snezhinsk, Chelyabinsk region.